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Boarder Testimonials

Ronia Gortsos

I wanted to talk to you about a great place to board your horse called Cedaridge. I have boarded my horse there for over 14 years. She was 33 years old when she passed away but I believe the excellent individual care she received there made the difference. She developed Cushing's and as a result she had  many specialized needs that were taken care of by the wonderful staff at Cedaridge. We were more like family there than just clients. Many special events taking place over the year that everyone can attend. A very serene and tranquil setting that both you and your horse will enjoy, good quality care, nice outdoor trails and responsible employees are key assets to this facility.


Tracey Watt

I kept my two show horses at Cedaridge for over five years. I completely trust Cathy and her team to take great care of my horses...and I am very particular with the care of my horses, so that says a lot! One of the things I like best is that Cathy is very easy-going and accommodating to the individual needs of both myself and my horses. Cathy truly cares that all the horses and their owners are happy.


Marie Hodgson

In January of 1997, I began boarding at Cedaridge Farm and with the  recent additions to my equine family,  I am still part of Cedaridge Farm.  It was the beginning of a long and wonderful association with one of the most competent and professional horsewomen in the area, Cathy Marshall. When I first arrived, she had just built her indoor arena and I was just in time to witness the growth of Cathy’s facilities. The early years at Cedaridge were spent doing riding lessons and day camps which provided a wonderful environment for the students to learn, play, develop responsibility and work ethics. Cedaridge Farm has evolved into a boarding facility that offered boarders superior care, well maintained indoor and outdoor riding rings, as well as 100 acres of outstanding land to explore on horseback. I have always felt that Cathy values each and every one of her equine charges and gives her boarders the confidence that their horses are in excellent hands. Cathy will share her knowledge and experience willingly, always wanting her boarders to have a positive experience with their horses. I have always been so grateful to have had such a rich environment for my children and myself, where we were able to grow and learn together. Thank you Cathy!!

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